PPE, Workwear, Machinery Request System

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PPE, Workwear, Machinery Request System

Do you think your company is wasting money continually handing out unnecessary replacements for new Workwear, Machinery, PPE or Hardware to employees?

Are you worried employees are receiving PPE but there is no record to support this?

Is your team not receiving full training on how to use the items correctly?

We asked our client base and the general consensus was “yes” to all the above; and the cost implications and management resource went unnoticed…

We have designed the OneWizard Asset Management System to address these problems.

If you feel your company could save by monitoring and keeping a closer record on PPE, Workwear or Machinery distributions, then why not try the OneWizard Asset Request System.

With OneWizard you will have the ability to quickly and easily implement the following:

  • Step 1 : Create your “Asset Register” by entering all the types of equipment held within your company and their quantities
  • Step 2: Allow your employees to send their “Asset Request” directly within the system
  • Step 3: This request is then automatically submitted to the appropriate member of management to authorise
  • Step 4: Asset Request can then be marked as “accepted”, and said asset is officially signed out to the employee and they can confirm receipt.
  • Step 5: All Asset Data recorded for the exact asset allocated, the date/time and to whom
  • Step 6: Corresponding documentation including technical guidance & health and safety measures for the asset is then automatically sent to the employee

This opens up visibility across the company, ensures employees are more accountable and effectively trained for the goods they receive from the company.

Particularly relating to the PPE aspect and COVID safety measures, as an employer you can clearly record and evidence that you are providing your team with continual access to the appropriate safety materials and track usage data.

You can also easily manage stock levels of all your assets within the system, and automate alerts for low stock so you are never in the position where lack of equipment is affecting company productivity.

So In Summary:

  • Save money on unnecessary replacements and reduce the risk of loss/damaged equipment
  • Reduce risk and ensure employees receive the correct up-to-date guidance
  • Save time by using instant digital processes
  • Boost efficiency and accuracy
  • Increase Employee Accountability
  • Reliably manage asset stock levels across your entire organisation

Sign up for a free 7 day trial of the OneWizard Asset Module HERE – no commitment, and find out how we can revolutionise your business!


OneWizard = One System, Endless Capabilities…