Manufacturing Resource Planning with OneWizard

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Manufacturing Resource Planning with OneWizard

Working within the manufacturing industry, you are probably regularly dealing with various equipment including heavy machinery, tools or chemicals, and making sure these are always fit for purpose, repaired or replenished as and when needed.

Your role may involve close manning of production lines and transforming goods ready for sale, and performing countless checks and assembly line processes to ensure these products are of the highest standard when finished.

The OneWizard platform would provide a perfect solution for your manufacturing company.

OneWizard can offer you:
• A solid and reliable online system carefully tailored out of the box to your company’s way of working.
• One portal that all staff can log in to and access from anywhere at any time – even on their phone via the app which runs in real-time with the main system.
• A simple and effective digital database where everyone can view, record, keep track and easily update all important information – from employee details such as shift patterns and absence – right through to the status of materials, sales figures and supplier information
• Assign tasks and responsibilities to certain individuals along with specific targets to meet – and checklists to manually confirm when these are complete – allowing you to easily track your team’s progression
• The in-built communication features enables you to communicate with your entire workforce online once they are logged in – regardless of location

Along with its clearly defined modules and functionalities, the system is designed to hold all important company information and allow businesses to keep this information accurate and up to date, so the day to day processing of tasks and key procedures throughout your entire team are always running smoothly, completed successfully and documented securely.

The OneWizard package could save your business precious time and money, nurture overall value and growth, and elevate you on your path to success!

Trial OneWizard now and see for yourself how this innovative software will hugely benefit the way you work.

OneWizard = One System, Many Capabilities.